(1): Hechtia glomerata (guapilla): unique bromeliad of the Chihuahuan desert and beyond; well-drained soils and good sunshine preferred.

(2): Ledebouria cooperi (false scilla): these hyacinths of South Africa like both sun and water.

(3) Pereskiopsis sp.: this leafy cactus thrives indoors and outdoors, but keep soil fairly dry; new axillary shoots root easily in cultivation.

(4) Echeveria sp.: this member of the “succulent” family from northern Mexico likes sunny and dry.

(5) Sansevieria kirkii (star snakeplant): this species from East Africa might like more sunshine than the common houseplant; let me know!

(6) Aloe vera: the common Aloe withstands most indoor conditions, but avoid regular watering.

Some of these plants are rare in the wild and need all possible assistance! If we share and propagate them in cultivation, they may have a chance of surviving through the present-day extinction era. All plants are sourced from extant horticultural collections, and 100% of donation funds go to organizations (The Nature Conservancy, SOS Amazonia, and the Center for Biological Diversity) conserving imperiled ecosystems, particularly in the Lungs of the Earth, but also here in Colorado. Every $50 earned will be deposited and differentially transferred to each of these three organizations in a transparent manner posted here.  Write me if you wish to be involved and/or have interesting plants to donate!

This is only locally available in the Boulder area at present (unless shipping costs are added to the suggested $5).

Write me if any of my species identifications are awry!