Flora of Nevada Treatments to Outsource

If you stumble across this site and are an expert in any of the following groups, or love Nevada and want to contribute to its botany, or know a scholar with interest in any of these groups and more than a passing interest in the region, then please do let me know! The Flora could be ready sooner than later if anyone could treat:













Poa/many large genera of Poaceae still


(revised 5 Feb. 2023)

Most all other genera have been treated/are being treated presently. We are getting towards the end!

Flora of Nevada updates

Although I have taken on many new projects this year, the Flora of Nevada field identification manual work proceeds smoothly in the background. A manuscript submission in late 2023 is beginning to seem possible. Very soon, I will post here a number of generic treatments that I would be interested in still outsourcing. More shortly.

Exploring the Droughts of Spring

I am still in the process of catching up on and posting videos from the spring–or what I hoped to be spring, but which brought little life to the landscape. Some of these are generating many views, due to the relevance of the topic to many millions of people in the southwestern United States.

During one of these excursions, I encountered the largest herd of desert bighorns I have ever met (only some seen here):

Petal loss is rampant and parallelistic in Stellaria

Although I have been delving more and more deeply into Mojave and Great Basin work in recent times, investigations into worldwide starworts are continuous and occasionally result in published reports:


A Grim Spring

Spring did not really come this year to the Mojave, unless you happened to occupy a deeper wash with slightly superior moisture levels to the rest of the landscape. Before it became too hot in the lower deserts, and as many plants struggled to develop even just their leaves this year in the face of severe drought and concomitantly severe herbivory, I was able to complete a stunningly beautiful walk across a significant portion of the Lake Mead northshore region. To better botany ahead in the North. I’m already finding amazing things at the Mojave-Great Basin transition.