During the summer of 2019, inspired by a superbloom season across the high country of Nevada, and inspired by my years of botanical work in the state, I undertook writing a new Flora of Nevada. Here I’ll post sporadic updates, photos of exceptional plants, and videos about Nevada’s plants as this work progresses in a running ticker format.

14 Sept. 2020

A productive spring with many new field discoveries led into a drought-stricken summer, and southern Nevada is about to surpass drought records in its recorded history. Study of specimens and a few choice summer destinations (e.g., the Snake Range, the far north) have been my primary pathways towards new progress after the bountiful spring, and all told, I’ve been able to chip into 230 pages of the new book to date. Here is to hoping for precipitation to end the region’s drought misery.

17 videos across a diversity of Nevada’s ecosystems have been uploaded this year. The most recent upload takes place at Spirit Mountain, Sentinel of the South:

26 March 2020

A S NV superbloom is in progress, helped by weeks of cloudy, cool, and wet weather. Up to 3,000 ft. or so seems to be a peak elevation at present:


4 March 2020

With spring in full progress along the lower Colorado basin I have been working on many of the annual borages. I’ve temporarily relocated to the lower Colorado for the spring to track the S NV bloom across elevations. The flora just reached the 23,000 word mark.