During the summer of 2019, inspired by a superbloom season across the high country of Nevada, and inspired by my years of botanical work in the state, I undertook writing a new Flora of Nevada. This work is taking substantial shape early into 2020 and I thought I would devote an area of this site towards its promotion. I will post updates, photos of exceptional plants, and videos about Nevada’s plants as this work progresses. Levels of progress to present look auspiciously upon a publication date in 2024.

Flora of Nevada YouTube Channel

26 March 2020

A S NV superbloom is in progress, helped by weeks of cloudy, cool, and wet weather. Up to 3,000 ft. or so seems to be a peak elevation at present:


4 March 2020

With spring in full progress along the lower Colorado basin I have been working on many of the annual borages. I’ve temporarily relocated to the lower Colorado for the spring to track the S NV bloom across elevations. The flora just reached the 23,000 word mark.