Zum Norden

As the Mojave Desert senesced into summer heat as May set in, my car (often field vehicle and base camp, sometimes home) of seven years made its last stand. But now I am out collecting plants again with sights set into northern Nevada and the southern Rocky Mountains. Give a shout if you’re in either region this summer!

A snapshot of car death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu6IapffXKk

Mojave Desert Superblooms

In conjunction with much photography and plant collection, I’ve established a new YouTube Channel this spring exploring the state of Nevada and its incredible flora. Join me for superblooms and other phenomena of our deserts, and new “episodes” will be consistently and constantly in production for the foreseeable future.

Flora of Nevada


Springtime in Mohave County

Social isolation was always the rule out here in Mohave County, AZ, and life has changed little under the pandemic: still writing about the plants of Nevada, Stellaria, grant proposals, and reviewing papers as if the world’s restrictions passed this place by. And as always, the next botanical expedition is continuously being planned: the AZ and NV borders critical to such expeditions remain open.


A very fine desert-oriented prog-rock apocalyptic tune: RIVERSIDE: VALE OF TEARS


The plant photos were becoming too much for one landmass (Earth), so I’ve subdivided them by continent, and in some cases, state/province. I have given Caryophyllaceae pictures their own section under “Botany” rather than speckling them throughout the geography-based plant photo sections. Research sections have been updated. A new header “Flora of Nevada” has been added–check it out someday soon! I’m also cooking up a new opinion piece about human evolution to be placed one day under “Opinions”.

Numerous Updates

All sections of this site have been extensively updated since the last announcement in April. Under the Public Images section, check out the Worldwide Wild Plants section for stellar plant images, and check out an opinion article about plant poaching under Opinions; also there, check out Plants for Conservation if you wish to make a donation towards wildlands preservation in exchange for a horticultural plant of interest. Research sections under Botany are updated sporadically as appropriate, and the Adventures section is also continuously being populated. Enjoy!