I have always been driven by the compulsion to explore. When I was small, we explored the local woodlands and swamps of the northeastern U.S.A. Into my teenage years I was caught up in exploration of virtual realms. And into my adult years, I have been exploring the real world’s mountains, canyons, and multifarious lands and cultures–with exploration into the science of botany continuing to drive me onwards.

This page serves multiple purposes. Foremost is to communicate my past and present research topics beyond an academic audience. Secondary is to communicate certain details of expeditions I have led or been part of across the world that have been a formative part of my life, as well as to display some of the beauty of these wild places. And tertiary, I present various topics of outreach concern in terms of plants and biodiversity conservation generally.

Here is a little bit more about me: XXupdatecomingsoonXX


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